Roosevelt University Unveils Newly Renovated Financial Trading Room


Roosevelt University Heller College of Business pic
Roosevelt University Heller College of Business

With decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and health care industries, John Klein currently serves as the chairman of Cambridge Therapeutics. Before his successful career at Cambridge Therapeutics, John Klein earned a master of business administration from the Roosevelt University Heller College of Business.

In October 2018, the Heller College of Business unveiled its newly redesigned Financial Trading Room on the 12th floor of the Wabash Building. The state-of-the-art trading room has 16 Bloomberg Terminals, advanced financial trading software, and touch-screen presentation boards. In the lab, students have access to historical and real-time data about publicly traded companies. In addition, the trading room now supports live video feeds between the Chicago and Schaumburg campuses.

Roosevelt is among only 21 percent of educational institutions equipped with its own financial lab. The newly renovated lab encourages students to apply classroom skills to real-life scenarios, which will better prepare them for the job market, said Asghar Sabbaghi, dean of the Heller College of Business.

Novel Drug Delivery Systems Are the New Frontier in Drug Treatments

Possessing three decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, John Klein serves as the chairman of Teaneck, New Jersey-based Cambridge Therapeutics. John Klein is responsible for guiding Cambridge Therapeutics in the development of combination therapies and novel drug delivery systems.

Novel drug delivery systems involve innovative approaches to the delivery of drugs. The process used to deliver drugs to patients can significantly impact their effectiveness and safety. For instance, many pharmaceuticals have an optimum concentration range that provides a maximum amount of therapeutic benefit, while higher amounts can be toxic and lower amounts may result in no benefit.

To maximize the health benefits of pharmaceutical therapies and reduce harmful side effects, researchers are developing new drug delivery systems that are based on interdisciplinary research in fields such as bioconjugate chemistry, polymer science, molecular biology, and pharmaceutics. Some of the techniques used in novel drug delivery systems include cell ghosts, microparticles comprised of biodegradable or insoluble polymers, microcapsules, lipoproteins, soluble polymers, and other delivery techniques.