Dwight-Englewood School Puts Ethics into Core Curriculum


Dwight-Englewood School,pic
Dwight-Englewood School,
Image: d-e.org

At Cambridge Therapeutics in Teaneck, New Jersey, Chairman John Klein and his company work to manufacture high-quality, high-adherence medication packaging and other medical products. In addition to his work at Cambridge Therapeutics, John Klein has given extensively of his time to a number of educational and healthcare-focused nonprofit organizations, and has served as a trustee and past president of the Dwight-Englewood School, one of New England’s premier private preparatory academies.

Also known as D-E, the school currently serves close to 1,000 students, offering a comprehensive, co-educational learning experience for preschool to high school students. The school is proud of its diversity, with students coming from more than 80 distinct regions in New York and New Jersey.

Like many of the nation’s elite schools, D-E maintains a strong focus on ethics, a course required for every student in 10th grade. Among the reasons for teaching ethics at this level are the opportunities it offers students to encounter opposing viewpoints, to learn to identify faulty logic and rhetoric, and to be future leaders in an increasingly complex world.

Students in this one-semester class learn to think critically about important philosophical issues through discussion, intense essay-writing, and readings of case studies. Associated electives offered at the advanced level include honors courses on ancient and modern philosophy, as well as bioethics.

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