Cognizant’s Early Warning System for EPM Solutions

Health care and pharmaceutical industry leader John Klein has spent nearly nine years as the chairman of Cambridge Therapeutics in Alpine, NJ. Concurrent with his leadership role at Cambridge Therapeutics, John Klein leads the enterprise performance management (EPM) firm Bilogix as its chairman and CEO.

A unique feature of Cognizant’s EPM practice is the early warning system (EWS). An emerging tool in the field of EPM, Cognizant’s EWS is highlighted by an array of fully integrated predictive features. The system’s intuitive framework allows for key performance indicator (KPI) forecasting that immediately alerts business leaders to potential threats.

All metrics monitored through Cognizant’s EWS are displayed at both their real-time values and through various predictive models derived from analytical simulations and other statistical techniques. Furthermore, the system features interactive KPI dashboards and scorecards that make metrics easily accessible across a number of business units and leadership levels. The EWS can be optimized through Cognizant’s custom SIMPOSM assessment tool, which gauges overall customer readiness for EPM intervention.

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