How Enterprise Performance Management Transforms Operations

A longtime presence in the Alpine, New Jersey, community, John Klein guides the pharmaceutical company Cambridge Therapeutics as chairman. In addition to his endeavors with Cambridge Therapeutics, John Klein established Bilogix, an Alpine, New Jersey, consulting firm that will provide enterprise performance management (EPM) deliverables to companies in NJ and across the United States.

EPM is a broad system that involves coordinated strategic approaches to defining operational targets and enhancing one’s bottom line. A commonality among all EPM pathways is establishing an analytical, predictive framework for defining areas that are in need of improvement.

Using an overarching six sigma system of eliminating process waste and ensuring deliverables that meet customer needs, EPM applications employ a key performance indicators methodology for quantifying value drivers. The goal of employing this methodology is to align complex operations across divisions in ways that enable transformative, milestone-defined change. This change provides companies with the ability to pivot and effectively adapt to shifting technologies, markets, and required workforce skills.

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