About John Klein of Cambridge Therapeutics

Over the course of his career, Cambridge Therapeutics founder, CEO, and Chairman John Klein has driven value for numerous health care companies and their stakeholders. He entered the pharmaceutical industry as the president and CEO of Zenith Laboratories, where he increased revenue more than seven-fold. In recognition of his accomplishments with the company, John Klein received Business Week’s Corporate Turnaround of the Year award.

Mr. Klein went on to help increase shareholder value by more than $1 billion at Ivax, NA, which was then the largest generic drug company active in the industry. He achieved similar success with MIM Corp., where, as chairman and CEO, he increased revenue by more than $200 million in a single year.

Following a role as the chairman and director of NovaDel Pharma, a novel drug delivery company, he established Dava Pharmaceutical Company. He led the company as chairman and CEO for eight years, during which time he cultivated manufacturing contracts with FDA-approved facilities across the world. During his time at Dava he founded Cambridge Therapeutics, a company that dispenses drugs to physicians, provides combination drug therapies to clients, and offers novel drug delivery services.

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